About Us

Education is the heritage of the Prophets. The Purpose of education is to flourish the personality of the individuals and make them the useful citizens of the society.

Education institutes are established to increase the mental, critical and thoughtful approach of the person. Samanabad is a populated area and is lucky to have different boys colleges but unluckily there was no woman collage in Samnabad or in its adjacent areas. So female Education was a great problem for the parents of this area. Meanwhile, a woman college was homologated by the efforts of politicians of this area, which was first started on the borrowed building of Govt. College of education. But then it got a permanent building that was so far from the populated area as the dire problem of the parents to educate their daughters was still a problem.

 It’s a great trouble to send the girls in far away colleges or pick and drop them in distanced colleges.

So a few educationists after perception this problem established Faisalabad educational foundation in 2004 and this foundation opened a college by the name of Faisalabad College For Woman.

This college is situated in the mid of the populated area and on the main road of Samanabad.

The location of the college is very good the college progressed from intermediate to Degree classes in a very short time. Its building is very attractive and beautiful. All classrooms are big and airy, equipped with the latest facilities.

Faisalabad College has a well-equipped lab for students. It has facilities of library and computer labs as well for the grooming of students.