Bachelors Level

Subject Combinations for Bachelors levels

B.A Group

Compulsory Subjects;

English, Islamic Studies (For Muslim Students)
Ethics (For Non -Muslim Students), Pakistan Studies

Elective Subjects :

(Select any two subjects)

Political Science

B.Sc Group

Compulsory Subjects:

English, Islamic Studies (For Muslim Students)
Ethics (For Non -Muslim Students), Pakistan Studies

(Select any one group)

l- Psychology, Chemistry, and Botany.
2- Psychology, Statistics, and Economics.
3-Psychology, Mathematics( General) and Computer Science.

Islamic Studies
Physical Education

(Select any one subject)

Islamic Studies

4- Psychology, Statistics, and Mathematics (General).
5- Psychology, Statistics, and Geography.
6- Psychology, Geography, and Economics.
7- Statistics, Mathematics A Course and Mathematics B course.
8- Statistics, Mathematics (General) and Psychology.
9- Statistics, Economics and Computer Studies.
10- Mathematics A Course, Mathematics B course and Economics.
11-Mathematics A course, Mathematics B course, and Computer Studies.
12-Mathematics ( General ), Geography and Economics.
13-Mathematics ( General ), Geography and Statistics.
14- Mathematics( General ), Economics and Computer Studies

B.Com Group

B.Com Part I

Code # Title of subject Marks
BC-301 Business Statistics & Mathematics 100
BC-302 Computer Application in Business 100
BC-303 Economics 100
BC-304 Financial Accounting 100
BC-305 Functional English 100
BC-306 Introduction to Business 100
BC-307 Money, Banking and Finance 100
BC-308 Islamic Studies (Ethical Behavior in lieu of Islamic 60
  Studies for Non-Muslim Students)  
Total 760

B.Com Group

B.Com Part II

Code # Title of subject Marks
BC-401 Advanced Financial Accounting 100
BC-402 Auditing 100
BC-403 Business Communication & Report Writing 100
BC-405 Business Law 100
BC-406 Cost Accounting 100
BC-407 Economics of Pakistan 100
BC-408 Pakistan Studies 40
  Total 740
B.Com Part 1 760 1500
B.Com Part 2 740

Practical Training

Two months of Practical training with a reputed Business,
Information & Commercial Organization will be an integral part of
The B.Com Programmed. The students would be required to complete
This training after appearing in the B.Com Part II Examination.

Post-Colonial Novel
History of Western Civilization
American Drama
World Literature in Translation
X Dissertation