College Library

College Library And Reading Room

* The basic purpose of the college library is to develop study habits among the students.
Therefore, the students are urged to spend their leisure hours in the college library, reading room.

* The college library contains more than 3500 books. A reasonable number of newspapers, magazines, journals, and periodicals are also available.

* To make the library more and more beneficial, following rules have been framed:-

(A) Books borrowed from the library are nontransferable.
(B) Silence and discipline should be observed.
Following types of books should not be issued in any case:
(A) Reference books.
(B) Latest newspaper of periodicals.
(C) Books having maps/layouts and picture books.
(D) Preserved books.
(E) Books repairable or under repair. . . .

* A borrower will be held responsible for any damage to a book issued to her unless it is Brought to the notice of the librarian at the time of issuance.

* In case of loss or damage of any sort to a book while in the custody of a borrower, have to return a new one.

Will have to pay the current price or .  if the book is a part of series the price of all the books pertaining to the series should be Deposited.

* The library shall remain closed for a specific period notified by the Principal for the annual physical verification of its stock.