College Students

College Students:

After admission, every student will be issued a library card. For this purpose, the student will present her college identity card to the librarian. The students must bring their library and college identity cards while borrowing books.

* The students can retain library books for one week.
* Library card is not transferable. A fine of Rs. 100/- is payable in case the library card is lost.
* Only two books amounting up to Rs.500/— can be issued to a student at one time. A book which value exceeds Rs.500/— can be consulted within the library.
* However, the Postgraduate students on the recommendation of their teacher can get issued more than two books.
* If a holiday happens to fall on the due date of return of a book, the next working day will be treated as the due date.
* To get a book reissued a gap of at least two days is necessary.