Instructions For the Students

* The students shall obey the rules and regulations mentioned in this manual and the instructions issued by the college authorities from time to time.

* Students should pay due respect to the faculty, administration staff and the fellow students.

* Students must carry the college ID card on the campus and its functions anywhere.

* No students are allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of her teacher until The class is over.

* Mobile phones are strictly prohibited during class / in college.

* If teacher finds the student guilty of showing disrespect or creating any sort of disturbance in The Class, she can take proper action against her. This action of the teacher is not challengeable In any court of law. A daily fine will be charged for remaining absent or paying college dues late.

* Any student found damaging the college property shall pay five times the cost of the damage.

* Any political or indecent activity in or around the campus is highly punished on the recommendation of the college discipline committee/college council. The Principal may take one or more of the following disciplinary actions,

Order the said student to seek a verbal or written apology from the concerned person,

(2) Impose a fine.

(3) Suspension from the class.

(4) Suspension from the college for the period of one year.

(5) Expulsion from the college for a period of three years. i

(6) Cancellation of scholarship or withdrawal of concession in fee.

* The decision of the Principal or the college council/discipline committee shall be final and unchallengeable in any court of law.

* The Principal can relax/amend any of the prevailing rules.

* Every student can meet the Principal for the presentation of her request. Students can meet, the Principal and teachers at any time to resolve their complaints/problems.

* Smoking is prohibited in and around the college campus.