Intermediate Level

:Subject Combinations For Intermediate Levels:

Compulsory Subjects:-

Urdu, English, Islamic Education, Ethics(For Non -Muslim Students) Pakistan Studies

Pre-Medical Group:-

Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Pre-Engineering Group:-

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

I.C.S / General Science Group:—

(1) Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science
(2) Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science
(3) Mathematics, Economics, Statistics

Commerce Group:-

Part 1.  Principles of Accounting, Principles of Commerce,
Principles of Economics, Business Mathematics.

Commerce Group:-

Part 2:- Commercial Geography, Banking, Principles of Economics, Business Statistics.

Arts Group:-

(Choose one subject from each group)
(1) Economics, Sociology, Physical Education
(2) Psychology, Education, Computer Science
(3) Civics, Islamiyat (Elective), Geography